December 13, 2016

Why Gateway180? For me, it’s personal. The clients of Gateway180 include victims of homelessness that could not prevent or solve their circumstances. They did nothing wrong. They did not make bad choices and did not choose bad habits that resulted in their current situations. They are truly victims, and they need help. They are the children of homeless parents. More than any other reason, I advocate for the children. To give them a chance at life they may not get if they do not get the support and resources the organization provides. Their way out starts with the same people that got them into the situation – their parents. These families need our help. They need the financial support of those more fortunate and the time and energy of the many people that selflessly give to the effort of reversing homelessness.

Need more reasons?

Gateway180 is the largest family shelter in Missouri. It is located in our community, the City of St. Louis. Eighty-nine percent of every dollar given directly benefits the clients of Gateway180. While food, clothing, and shelter are provided – the goal is a brighter future. Vocational and life skills are taught. Parents are challenged to change their choices and behaviors that have led to their current situation. The goal at Gateway180 is the successful return to an independent life. I am friends with an individual who has survived homelessness and is by every measure a true success. It is possible and for that goal, I fight.

I am friends with an individual who has survived homelessness and is by every measure a true success.

How can those more fortunate continue to sit on the sidelines watching this need without acting? I couldn’t. I HAD to do something. So, we started by giving. Angela, my wife, and I began contributing financially. But for both of us, we needed to do more. Angela supports the fundraising committee focusing on the two large annual fundraising events. Together, we ask you to join us in our fight against homelessness. It is for the children. It is for the parents. It is for the families in our own community.

Thank You,
Matt and Angela Levenson